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Minelab EQX 6" Double-D Smart Coil
Minelab EQX 6" Double-D Smart Coil
Minelab 11'' Round Commander Monoloop Coil
Minelab 11'' Round Commander Monoloop Coil
Minelab 15x12" Commander Mono Coil
Minelab 15x12" Commander Mono Coil
Minelab GPZ 19 Super -D Coil
Minelab GPZ 19 Super -D Coil (Out of Stock)


  • Coil configuration: This refers to the shape and arrangement of the wire windings in the coil. There are three main types of coil configurations: Concentric, Double-D and Monoloop. Concentric coils have a circular transmit winding around the outside and a smaller receive winding in the center. They produce a cone-shaped detection pattern and are good for pinpointing targets. Double-D coils have two overlapping D-shaped windings that produce a blade-shaped detection pattern. They are good for covering large areas and discriminating iron targets. Monoloop coils have a single winding that acts as both transmit and receive. They produce a very sensitive and deep detection pattern, but are more susceptible to interference and ground noise.

  • Coil size: This refers to the diameter or length of the coil. Larger coils can detect deeper than smaller coils but they have less sensitivity to small or shallow targets. Smaller coils can detect smaller or shallow targets better, but they have less depth. The choice of coil size depends on the type of terrain, the size of the target, and the level of interference.

  • Coil shape: This refers to the outline of the coil. Most coils are round or elliptical, but there are also other shapes such as butterfly, semi-elliptical, or figure-8. Round coils are stable and balanced, and offer consistent performance in all directions. Elliptical coils are narrower and longer, and offer better maneuverability in tight spaces or between rocks. Butterfly coils are two round coils joined together, and offer better ground coverage and depth than a single round coil of the same size. Semi-elliptical coils are similar to elliptical coils, but have a rounded tip and tail.

  • Coil design: This refers to the construction and appearance of the coil. Some coils are solid, meaning they have a plastic cover over the windings. Some coils are open-web, meaning they have exposed windings with a web-like frame. Some coils are semi-open web, meaning they have exposed windings with a partial plastic cover. Solid coils are more durable and waterproof, but they are heavier and create more drag in water. Open-web coils are lighter and easier to move in water, but they are more fragile and prone to damage.

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