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VANQUISH Software Update 1.1

What's new?

VANQUISH just became more powerful. For the serious detectorist, new Iron Volume Control in the VANQUISH 540 puts you in charge of how much iron you want to hear, making trashy and mineralised soils easier to conquer. For greater control and a simply better detecting experience, hit the download button on the new update now.

VANQUISH 540 Iron Volume Control

Detecting in heavy iron trash is enhanced with the new Iron Volume Control feature. 10-step adjustments let you decrease the volume of iron all the way down to a whisper, while leaving desirable targets (non-ferrous) loud and clear. To engage Iron Volume Control, simply hold down the All Metal button, while simultaneously using the Volume buttons to adjust to your liking.

General Improvements for All VANQUISH Models

The upgrade also includes improved battery handling capability for all models, as well as a new low battery alert.

  • Batteries must be in place, and charged, to perform the update.
  • Your VANQUISH coil must be connected to perform the update.
  • Many Micro-USB cables that are supplied with electronics (including those supplied with the battery charger and headphones in the VANQUISH 540 Pro Pack) are "power only". To update your VANQUISH, you will need to ensure your Micro-USB cable supports data as well. 
  • Only one VANQUISH can be connected to your computer during the update operation.
  • VANQUISH will turn on automatically when plugged into your computer.
  • Any custom detector settings will be preserved while performing the update.
  • An Internet connection is required to download the Minelab Update Utility to the computer, however, an Internet connection is not required to update VANQUISH and this can be done offline.

Download the Vanquish Instructions Click Here - Check your Downloads Folder

Download Vanquish Software Update for Windows - Check your Downloads Folder

Download Vanquish Software Update for Mac

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