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Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack Treasure Detector


The Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack is the ultimate treasure detector, ideal for the serious detectorist, all the same features as the lower Vanquish models except but now adding Iron Bias Control (more treasure and less trash), Bluetooth Headphones, red LED Backlight and rechargable batteries.

Search deeper with 8" or 12" coils included in the box which are also waterproof up to 1m.

Multi-IQ tech which gives you combines power of muliple detectors in one machine, Simply turn it on and go! This machine will detect Silver, Jewellery and gold. Whether you are just detectoring in your local park, field or along the beach, multi-iq has you covered.

Easy to use control panel with a red backlight display screen and a guide of what the numbers mean in relation to whats being hovered over. More buttons means more easily configured settings to hone in on the awesome finds you'll be digging up.

Listen with either plug in headphones or bluetooth headphones (included) or if you want the family to hear, this machine comes with a built in loudspeaker.

4 Search Modes - Coin, Releic, Jewellery and Custom. All pre-prgrammed and optimised for best performance whether down your local park, a field or at the beach. Easily block out any metals you dont want to detect with the 12 discrimination settings.

Automatic noise cancelling with 3 volume settings.

Coils are waterproof up to 1m & water resistant control pod (rain cover included)

Easy to carry as this Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack has a unique collapsible snap lock system and it only weighs 1.3kg.

minelab vanquish 540 pro pack detector ballarat
minelab vanquish 540 pro pack detector ballarat
Vanquish 540 Pro Pack
Vanquish 540 Pro Pack
minelab vanquish 540 treasure detector bluetooth headphones
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